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Jul 27, 2019
Note: These 'City Laws' are role playing rules. You usually cannot get banned or muted for breaking these rules. However, breaking these role-playing rules may result in a jail sentence or being killed by an Officer.

These rules can be updated at any time, the admins will usually make an announcement on the Discord regarding changes.

City Laws:

1. No contraband items

If seen by a police officer you will have 5 seconds to hand over the item(s) or risk jailtime or death. These items include swords, bows, arrows, and harmful potions.

Contraband can still be taken off somebody even if they are standing in a plot they themselves own. (Premium Plots, Rented Plots).

If an Officer has seen a player's contraband item before they entered their plot, the Officer still may ask for their contraband item despite them being in their own plot.

2. No “PvP Abuse”

“PvP Abuse” is considered going into a non-pvp zone during combat.
1st Offence= Warning in chat. Warning expires if you are killed by an officer or 10 minutes pass without another offence.

2nd Offence = “Out” countdown. If you do not exit the non-pvp area within the period of the countdown, you may be jailed for 10 minutes.
If you exit the non-pvp area you may be killed by the officer(s). If you enter a non-pvp zone after running out you may be jailed for 10 minutes.

3. Officer

If a player is "trolling' an Officer by pulling out multiple contraband items, an Officer may ask for all contraband items. If you hand over most of the contraband and pretend you have no more in your inventory, you may be jailed or killed if spotted with contraband within 5 minutes of being asked for "all contraband".

Warping, or logging out during a countdown will result in a 15-minute jail time.

4. Multiple Rented Plots

Do not rent multiple plots/areas of the same type. This may result in the plot being unrented, no refund and a possible $20,000 city fine. The fine may increase depending on the severity of your offence.

5. Illegal Parkour

No getting on top of areas or buildings that are not there to be climbed on.
1st offence = “Out” Countdown is issued for you to climb down, failure to do so will result in a 10-minute jail. 2nd offence = 10-minute jail.


Horse Code of Conduct:

Horses must be attended at all times by their owner. If found alone they may be terminated by an officer.

Horses must not be used to exploit into areas you normally cannot access. You may be punished by being jailed or if severe exploiting, a ban may be issued against your account.

Horses may not be used to escape from an officer. The offending horse will be tracked and killed, followed by jail time.

Failing to follow the horse code of conduct may result in your horse(s) being killed and you being jailed for a standard 10 minutes, depending on the severity of the offence.


PvP Information:

General PvP:
It is against the city laws to pvp another player. If you are seen by an officer attacking another player you will result in being attacked by the officer. This will also occur in situations of self-defense. If you're in pvp and you get attacked and fight back, the officer will attack both of you.

PvP Abuse:
“PvP Abuse” is a term used for when a player attacks another person, then proceeds to run into a non-pvp zone. If you pvp an officer and do this they will state "PvP Abuse 1 <player>". This warning lasts for 10 minutes, if the same offence occurs twice before the 10 minutes are up, they will execute the /out command for you to come back out into pvp. Failing to do so will result in a 10-minute jail.

“PvP Abuse” warnings get reset if the Officer kills the player, if the player gets jailed or the Officer logs out. If the person who is ordered into pvp runs into different safe zone the officer will only give them a first pvp abuse warning again if the player makes it to another zone. If the officer manages to hit the player before they reached the non-pvp zone they may do /out again and repeat.

Spawn Killing:
Spawn killing players is strictly forbidden, this has been previously used to annoy newer players unnecessarily. Any player who is found to be camping the spawn area(s) in order to repetitively kill players should be jailed instantly for 10 minutes.
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