Denied DarkLordRunner's Officer Application

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Aug 22, 2019
In-game Name: DarkLordRunner

How old are you?: 16

What is your timezone?: EAST Central

Have you ever been banned or muted, if so, why?: Yes, perferably for over cussing, spamming, nothing to major though.

What time can you patrol the city? (Ex: 1PM-4PM + your timezone): 4pm-10pm monday - friday, 8 am - 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

How long have you played on our server?: /ontime says 9 days 2 hours.

What is your current rank (Eg, Member +)?: Mayor, Owner of Dominations, which is run by angel cartel.

Have you read ALL of the server and city rules and do you understand them?: Yes I understand the server rules.

What makes you the best police applicant? I am online very often, I can check chat while pvping, while at the same time fighting and checking for anything suspicious or anything having to deal with hacks, xray, and so forth. I do tend to sometimes get a little off, A lot of people know me whether good or bad, Ive had previous chat moderation on discord servers, for over 2 months on one server and over and year on another. I know how some of the commands for officer work like /sword /bow, I dont know as much as to how to open staff chat or something like that, Usually I like talking to whoever I can and I'm mainly trying to invite people the server in its entirety so its fun and has stuff to do. I may need some training on some things such as what to do in certain situations such as "what do i do if someone says they dont have swords" and they end up having 35 swords. Now my bad side: I have a job so those days I cant be on, im currently in school and I have a social media to where I stream (I do know I cant stream on my officer account) and I get tired sometimes. but thats all about it.


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Aug 8, 2019
Dude I can't recommend this. For one you didnt mention the ban you had on the old application. Also I really couldn't care what your town is run by. That just looks like you trying to make the application longer.
You said in game multiple times before that anyone NOT in your weird nation thing would be KOS. That throws up SO many red flags for me with bias.
You claim you're 16 but your actions do not show it.
Not recommended. Sorry Dark
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