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Jul 27, 2019
Towny Guide.

Ever wanted to start a town, but you don't understand any of the commands or how it works?

Well you have came to the right place! Here we will teach you everything you need to know about towny!

So I guess the first thing you want to know is prices, right? Well to create a town you must be the rank of Mayor and you then must have $500,000. Yes this may seem like a lot, but really, it's not that much! If you don't have that much yet then I suggest joining a town and start earning money!


- /town

  • new [townname] - Creates a new town with the name [townname]
  • join [townname] - Join a town that does not require invites
  • claim - Claims the chunk you are positioned inside
  • unclaim - Unclaims the chunk you are positioned inside
  • spawn - Teleports you to the town spawn
  • list - Lists all the towns in the server
  • deposit [$] - Deposit amount specified to town bank
  • withdraw [$] - Withdraws amount specified from town bank
  • leave - Leave your current town
  • add [playername] - Adds player to your town
  • kick [PlayerName - Kicks player from your town
  • claim outpost - Claims a town outpost
  • outpost [#] - Teleports you the the outpost specified
  • delete [townname] - Deletes your current town. WARNING CANNOT BE UNDONE!

/towny prices - Shows prices of towns and upkeep prices (Both nations and towns)

Mayor/Assistant Commands:

- /town set

  • board [message] - Sets board message seen by residents upon login
  • mayor [playername] - Gives another player Mayor Status
  • homeblock - Sets the homeblock location of your town
  • spawn - Sets the town spawn location (Must be inside the homeblock)
  • name [name] - Changes your towns name
  • taxes [$] - Sets taxes colleced from each resident daily
  • plottax [$] - Sets taxes collected from each resident daily, per plot that they own
  • plotprice [$] - Sets default plot price
  • embassyprice [$]> - Sets the default cost of an embassy plot
  • embassytax [$] - Sets taxes collected from each resident daily, per embassy plot that they own
  • perm
  • [resident/ally/outsider] [on/off] - Toggles who can build
  • [resident/ally/outsider] [build/destory/switch/itemuse] [on/off] - Toggles who can either build/destory/switch/itemuse

- /town toggle

  • explosion - Turn on/off explosions in town
  • fire - Turn on/off firespread in town
  • mobs - Turn on/off hostile mobspawning in town
  • public - Turn on/off public /town spawning
  • pvp - Turn on/off pvp in town
  • open - Turn on/off public joining to your town. USE WITH CAUTION

- /town ? - Show commands in-game
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