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Jul 27, 2019
Towny Info.

So you want to start a town, eh? Then you can always just come here if you need anything with help with towny or choices to make.

Making Your Town

So to make a town you must have prestige to the rank of Mayor and have at least 500k dollars. Find a location in which you would like to begin your town. When you claim your town, that is the first home chunk. The home chunk is where you will teleport when you spawn at your town. To make the town type the following command. /t new [name of your town]. This creates your town. To claim land for your town, type the following command. /t claim. This claims land for your town to own and build on.


At this point you have made your town. You now need to keep it protected so that other players can not grief or raid your new town. There are limitations to what your permissions can be. An assistant of a town can always have access to any part of the town as well as all the players' plots. To protect your town from outsiders(People who are not in your town)from anything you want, read the following. For when you are setting the perms, o and r for the most part are your friends. So r is for residents and o is for outsiders. You can set the perms to destroying blocks, flicking levers and opening chests and doors, and building. You set the perms to outsiders to not be able to destroy, type the following command. /t set perm o destroy off. This sets the outsiders to not be able to destroy blocks in your town. You may also can the o to r. This sets the perms to players that are in your town. Also, destroy can be changed. To make the perms for building replace build with destroy. To set the perms for levers and chests and such, replace the destroy with the word switch. Be careful who make assistants because assistants will always have access to everything. If you see a player in your town doing something you wish they weren't doing, you can kick them from the town. To do this, type the following command. /t kick [player's name].

Town Ranks

There are 4 town ranks. The ranks are: Mayor(Well, there are many for this depending on how big the town is), Assistant, Trusted, and Resident. Resident is just someone who is in the town and really has nothing but maybe a grinder. Trusted rank allows players to buy plots. Assistants are like admins to the town, they have access to anything and can invite players and sell them plots. Mayor is the owner of the town. To make someone a resident, just invite them to the town. Resident is the default town rank. Trusted is manually given to a player from an assistant or the mayor of the town. To do this, type the following command. /t rank add [player's name] Trusted. Assistant is manually given to a player by the mayor of the town. To do this, type the following command. /t rank add [player's name] Assistant. This makes the player an assistant of the town. The Mayor rank is usually not obtainable. The player that creates the town will be set as the mayor as their default rank for that town. You can also make someone else the mayor of the town and loosing your powers of owning the town. To do this, type the following command. /t set Mayor [player's name]. This makes that player the new owner of the town. You can also demote players from their ranks. To do this, type the following command. /t rank remove [player's name] [rank] . This will remove the player's rank. The rank resident can not be removed unless they are kick from the town.

Daily Upkeeps And Taxes

So, to have a town, there is a price to pay. The land is not free. Daily upkeeps are daily payments from the town bank that keep the town "alive". The town bank is, as I just have said, the source of the upkeep withdraw. Depending on how many citizens are in your town or the size of your town, makes it a certain "Rank". To put money in your town bank, type the following command. /t deposit [amount]. Also, you can withdraw money yourself. Only the mayor of the town can withdraw money, all town ranks can deposit money. To withdraw money from the town bank, type the following command. /t withdraw [amount]. To what size your town is, the more money to must pay. Prices:

Settlement = $7,500 per day.
Hamlet = $12,500 per day.
Village = $15,000 per day.
Town = $17,500 per day.
Large Town = $20,000 per day.
City = $25,000 per day.
Large City = $35,000 per day.
Metropolis = $50,000 per day.
Taxes are something you can set in your town that forces players to pay money to the town daily. If they do not pay, they are auto-kicked from the town. To set the taxes, type the following command. /t set taxes [price]. Only the mayor of the town can set the taxes.


Plots are what is going to keep people in your town for the most part. Yes, there are outposts and stuff you can get but this will allow players to live there and pay the taxes to keep living there. As a mayor or assistant, you can claim plots and land for the town. You can also put that certain plot up for sale and sell it to someone else to do whatever they want to it. To put a plot up for sale, type the following command. /plot forsale [price]. This will put the plot up for sale at your price. Only Trusted and above in the town may buy plots. If there is a plot for sale that is worth too much or a mayor assistant doesn't want to pay the price, they can take the sale down. This will cancel the player's sale and it will be owned by the player that canceled it. To do this, type the following command. /plot notforsale. This will do so.
Ok so, keep in mind when you are claiming your town land that chunks come in 16x16 blocks of land. It is smart to keep this in mind at mark the plots as you go along because you don't want to sell a player the edge of what you think might be a plot and it turns out to be a road or something important that they now have access to.


So, now that you have made your town, you need ways for people to join and people to make money as well as the town and yourself. Outposts are a great way to make money. You can donate for spawners to make mob grinders and such for enchanting levels and mob loot to sell for money. You can also make farms and storage places and such at outposts, or just places to teleport to. To make an outpost, type the following command. /t claim outpost. Outposts must be far away from your town. A town can have as many outposts as they wish but they cost 70,000 dollars. Only assistant and mayors of the town can claim outposts.

Other Stuff You Should Be Aware Of

Players who have someone on their friends list can give players permissions to their plots. This is just something to look out for when creating a town because players can share plots this way without one of the players being trusted or even in the town.

Has there ever been a time in your town when you don't have much money in your town bank, and you are worried about the next time the upkeep and taxes are collected? Worry no more! You can check how much time is left before the next collection is. To do this, type the following command. /towny time. This will do so. When the time is up, taxes and upkeep will be collected.

There is also ways to check how other towns are doing or what town another player is in. You can see how much is in the bank, how many players and who is in the town, who is the mayor, and who is what ranks. You can also do this to your town. To do this, type the following command. /t [town name]. This will give you the list.

Strategies And Game Plans

When you are making your town, wouldn't it be nice if you can see that area from a bird's eye view? I think it would. When in an outpost or your main town spawn, you can see your town map. To do this, type the following command. /towny map. H will be the home block.
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